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Welcome, you just stumbled on our contacts page where you can reach us via the contact form below. Please read our conditons first before sending us any message!

Applying for Staff (not accepting at the moment)

Neo-faerie wings is a graphics and tutorials site. So we only accept the best graphics designers and tutorial writers out there. If you want to work for us please be sure you meet the following requirements!
  1. You must be original. We do not want to hire staff that copies or even claims other people's works!
  2. If you are applying for a graphics designer you must have a good image editing program. Sorry, MS paint is not included, you must atleast have PSP.
  3. Having a good image editing program is not enough, you must be able to work it and work it good. You must have a master of your program and able to deliver quality graphics.
  4. Being a graphics designer also demands that you know how to code your own layouts. Please, be sure your codes are also original and not copied from others.
  5. If you are applying for a tutorials writer, make sure you have a good command of the english language.
  6. You must be able to express your tutorials in the simplest but understandable way possible. Always remember that people look for tutorials to be able to discover how to work some porgrams. Always assume that your reader does not have the slightest idea about the basics of the program. This will make your tutorials more understandable and easy to follow!
  7. Lastly, we are looking for dedicated and patient people. If you think you cannot provide atleast one layout or tutorial within a week, then forget about applying for staff.

If you think you are at par and believe you can satisfactorily fill in the positions please send the following information!

Affie Requirements

  1. Your site must be child safe and must not contain any offending materials.
  2. Your site must be Neopets related OR a graphics site.
  3. Your site must be atleast 1 month old and not under construction and having dead links.
  4. You must have our link on every page because your link will also be on every page of our site.
  5. You do not violate any copyright laws, terms and conditions.
  6. When you're on hiatus please let us know by sending us an e-mail or posting a hiatus notice on your site.
  7. You must update your site atleast once a week.
  8. Before you send in your application, please be sure you already have our button up.

If you meet all the requirements, please send the following info:

Graphics Suggestions

  1. Please be aware that we do not make PERSONAL graphics. We make graphics that everybody can use, so don't ask your guild name or username to be placed on any graphics that you suggest.
  2. Before you submit your suggestions, please browse our site first and see if we have what you need. Remember, we make graphics for free, please do not be abusive. Don't e-mail us suggesting another Miley Cyrus guild layout just because you've already used all and would like one for your Miley Cyrus guild. Remember, we're humans too and there are a lot of other people who would like their suggestions to be taken into account too.
  3. We will not e-mail you back informing you that the graphics you suggested has been made. Please check the site updates often.
  4. All graphics suggestions shall be taken into consideration but we do not guarantee that we will make them. Graphics suggestion merely exists to assist us with what graphics to make in the event that we run out of ideas.

If you agree with these terms and still want to suggest graphics anyway, please send us the following information.

Advertising Space (not yet available)

If you have a site and would like to receive more visitors, then avail of our free advertising services. But read our terms first before applying.

  1. You must provide a 88x31 button.
  2. Your site must not be under construction and/or have any dead links.
  3. Your site does not violate any copyright laws and does not contain any offending materials.
  4. Your site must have visitors contents such as graphics, resources, and/or tutorials.

How long will your advertisement stand?
Your advertisement will stand for 2 weeks!

What are the terms of the advertising service?
You must be willing to link us on your site for 2 weeks. Our link should be visible on every page.

If you want to advertise with us please send the following information:

Please send your e-mail to or send me a neomail on my neopets account suprficial_007.

Thanks very much! Looking forward to hearing from you.