About Us

The site was formerly created to be a myspace/dollie site. However, since it wasn't as popular as our previous sites, The Pit Stop, Angel Wings and Cutie Neo, it was slowly dying. On early September of 2006, we decided to change it completely into a neopets graphics site with some Myspace goodies and dolls on the side. On March 2007, the site opened its doors to willing and new graphics designers. Till then, the site started to grow, having new graphics added to its collection almost everyday!

On late July of 2008, the site closed and a new site named Jaraya.net emerged. Jaraya.net survived for about 4 months until the site's host finally closed by mid December of the same year. This left the staff of jaraya.net homeless, this is why neo-faerie wings was re-born on January 2009 and will possibly stay!

In Septemeber of 2019, due to problems with Photobucket, Tiny Pic and Image Shack, we decided to get our site hosted and get our own domain. We aim to make available to you our neopets user lookups, guild layouts, shop/gallery layouts, pet lookups and petpage layouts as long as we can. Hopefully, we will be able to provide you new and better content in the future.

Thank you so much for sticking by us. Enjoy the goodies we can offer and if you have more suggestions and/or graphics requests from us, please don't hesitate to CONTACT us.

Past Site Layouts

Here are the layouts we've used all through the years! Looking at them just brings back so much memories *sigh*.